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Fri, Dec. 27th, 2013, 12:50 am
joshua_ray: nEver Ready

The picture of the world that I have gleened...
The Military Industrial Complex has wrapped itself around Society.
Experiments done on unwitting people has lengthy history. Look and you will see.
Yet we vainly believe that the government poses no danger to public health. We trust science to do the right thing.
Our.entire biochemical experience is engineered in a lab.
They can alter brain wave patterns at a distance, create enhanced warriors, deeper love and more torrential hate. They can trick your brain into accepting the reality that they design, and employ active control of peeople.
When someone breaks free of their design in the mind, they will still not be free in their body. So Big Brother always wins. There's levels of control. Be happy you are at this level, where they allow you to be free ranged. Enjoy it while it lasts. There isn't much time left.
They don't make movies to fake reality, they make fiction to make reality seem unreal. Now that you're all ignoring the world around you, you won't notice all the things that are changing around you.
Stay locked in your prysm of fate, slowly feeding another with your energy.
To be free...to be free would be a great change. To wake up from the dream and truly be..what would you be, now that you are trained to be a slave?
Great people of yesterday, hear my call. It's time to bring the remnant to the field of play. Enter course, and do not stray.
There is.nothing left to do, but die on our feet, saving knees for our enemy.
Beware the tricks of the tyrants.