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Big Brother is a community for posting original ideas, rants, rages, photos, news briefs, documentation, curiosities, bizarre beliefs, unusual suspects, famous quotes, revelations, and conspiracy theories on topics ranging from utopia to global domination. This is an English-only community and is not generally interested in local Russian politics.
1984, 666, absolute power, alexander solzhenitsyn, anarchy, antichrist, art bell, aspen institute, bar codes, big brother, bill of rights, biochips, biometrics, brain washing, brave new world, bureaucracy, cashless society, central database, chaos, cia, citizenship, cold war, collaboration, collusion, communism, communist manifesto, computer chips, constitution, controlled media, corporations, corruption, council on foreign relations, coup d?etat, cover-ups, cryptography, deception, democracy, dictatorship, disarmament, diversions, dna, eavesdropping, electronic passports, elitism, executive orders, experiments, extremism, fanatics, fascism, fbi, federal reserve, federalization, fema, fincen, food irradiation, foreign affairs, freedom, gatt, genetic manipulation, genocide, george orwell, global postitioning system, globalism, gps, gulf war syndrome, hackers, hand geometry, hegelian principle, hoax, implants, indoctrination, infiltration, information warfare, insurrection, intrigue, invisible, iron mountain report, iso 9000, jfk, karen silkwood, league of nations, machination, manipulation, marc card, mark of the beast, mass psychology, microchips, mjtf, monopolies, mtbe, nafta, national id cards, national security agency, new world order, nwo, obfuscation, obscure, patriotism, peace keeping, pgp, political control, power, prison camps, privacy, propaganda, prophetic warnings, re-education camps, republic, restructuring, retinal scanning, revisionist history, revolution, rfid, satellite imagery, secret governments, secret societies, shortwave radio, slavery, smart cards, social control, sovereignty, spycraft, surveillance, technology, threats, totalitarianism, tracking, treason, treaties, trickery, trilateral commission, tyranny, ufos, united nations, upc, upheaval, utopia, vince foster, voice patterns, voice recognition, webcams, world bank, world domination, x-files, zip codes

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